St. Maarten is a magnificent island nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, with approximately 70 kilometers of shoreline. Every single beach is fabulously distinct and reflects the vast diversity of the island itself, from unspoilt, calm coasts to busy concentrations of activity. The 37 beaches on St. Maarten are such gems that they rate among the best in the Caribbean. There's something for everyone in this sanctuary of pleasure, whether you're here for diving, surfing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, or kitesurfing, or simply relaxing and soaking in the sun on the island's warm golden dunes.

The turquoise beach you can not miss

Mullet Bay

The lovely fine-sanded Mullet Bay Beach, which is located on the edge of the golf course, is quite popular with both visitors and locals. For surfers, north winds create ideal offshore conditions. The turquoise water of Mullet Bay is what makes people feel at ease and simply enjoy the beach even more.

Long Bay

Baie Longue, located in the heart of the Lowlands on the island's western coast, is one of the island's longest and quietest beaches, stretching from La Samanna's Resort to "Pointe du Canonnier." The bar at La Samanna's restaurant is the ideal spot to watch the breathtaking sunset.

Plum Bay

A remote and very calm beach, also in the Lowlands, ideal for travelers seeking solitude and serenity. This gorgeous beach is undeveloped and unfrequented. The ocean is more suitable for surfing than swimming. It's ideal for snorkeling in calmer seas, but it can turn into an exciting playground for expert surfers during a surge.

Baie Rouge

Taking its name from the slightly colored sand, this is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and popular beaches on the island. The beach is bustling and has a great vibe. Competent swimmers will enjoy swimming through the narrow rock arch to the base of the cliffs, where a small quiet beach awaits.

Grand Case Beach

Grand Case Beach is a lengthy beach with a smattering of renowned gourmet restaurants and smaller, well-known traditional and local eateries known as the Lolos. Grand Case Bay is secluded, with quiet and clear Caribbean blue waters. Divers will have a great time exploring the well-known Creole Rock.

Anse Marcel Beach

In the north of the island, the lovely Anse Marcel is a secluded and well-developed beach. The sea is tranquil here because the harbor is protected on all sides, and the beach is popular for families. The marina and its stores will appeal to visitors who enjoy wandering.

Pinel Island

This small paradise island is located in the center of the Nature Reserve, right off the east coast of Saint Martin. Visitors will find two beautiful beaches. The beach facing St Martin is picture-perfect for kids, with clean waves and white sand and the other one at the back accessible with a little path more secluded. To get to Pinel Island, take a boat from the Cul-de-Sac ponton. The cost of the 10-minute boat cruise is roughly $12.

Orient Bay

This is one of the island's largest and most popular beaches, located in the north-eastern region of the island. The beach has a variety of tourist attractions such as beach restaurants & snacks, shops, and watersports.

Friar’s Bay

Friar's Bay (also known as "Anse des Pères") is a tiny, family-friendly beach located north of the French side capital Marigot. The bay is well shielded from swells and perfect for swimming. Friar's Bay is a great beach for families because of its calm waters.

Simpson Bay Beach

Simpson Bay's beach is nearly a mile long, and the Caribbean sea is tranquil and calm for the majority of the year. Because the bay faces south, it is insulated from the occasionally powerful northeastern winds.

Maho Beach

Maho Beach is known across the world for its unique location at the end of the Princess Juliana Airport runway. Jumbo planes take off and land in front of large crowds. Anything left on the beach under the flight path will be blown away by the jet blast.
This is an absolute must-see!

Places to see


Marigot, the capital of the French side, is a charming town with brilliantly colored buildings, local restaurants, and local crafts markets. In the warm colors of the sun, a lovely promenade walk has been constructed on the lakefront, going from Fort Louis Marina to the cemetery via the open-air market.

Loterie Farm

Loterie Farm, a historic sugar plantation, is located at the foot of Pic Paradis, Saint Martin's highest peak. Plant and animal species are recognized and meticulously protected at the Farm, which is a true tropical gem. This one-of-a-kind location offers a zip-lining jungle adventure course for kids and adults, as well as a series of multi-level swimming places connected by cascades and surrounded by beautiful tropical foliage.

Grand Case

The authenticity of Grand Case's village has been preserved, particularly in its housing. Many of the village's restaurants are housed in traditional huts. You will find many restaurants along the alley of Grand Case.


It stretches the length of the sandy strip and annually receives nearly a million cruise ship guests. The main street is lined with jewelry and souvenir shops. Along the waterfront, a promenade has been built, which is lined with a variety of restaurants and bars.


Do you want to party? Make a pit stop at Maho if you're in the area! On the streets, the beaches, the rooftops... There are various restaurants, live music, clubs, bars in this area so the party's all over the place. Finally, don't miss the huge jets landing at The Sunset: it's a spectacular show.

Simpson Bay

It's close to Juliana Airport, it's easy to get to, and it's highly popular! With a variety of restaurants, casinos, pubs, and The Lotus Nightclub, and District 721 it is a location for partying and nightlife. A wonderful mix of serenity, and partying!

Where to Eat

Where to Eat At Cupecoy and Maho:

Moulin Fou

Open daily from 5 p.m. till midnight. The Moulin Fou Restaurant is a well-known French restaurant situated between Princess Juliana International Airport and the Mullet Bay Golf Club. At le Moulin Fou, you can dine in an elegant and cheerful ambiance that will transport you to Paris, where you will have a fine dining experience. Alternatively, you can select your own fresh lobster from the holding tank while relaxing in an elegant setting.


You will not be disappointed if you visit Altro at Porto Cupecoy Plaza for dinner. One reason to like this restaurant is the high quality of the food and the inventive and gorgeous presentation. They have a $29 fixed price menu including 3 courses (appetizer, main course, and dessert).

Alina, Japanese

Alina is a one-of-a-kind fine dining restaurant on the island, located inside Casino Royale in Maho Village.

Alina's meals and Sushi are authentically Japanese, prepared with the highest quality ingredients and overflowing with regional flavors. The seasonal specialities that appear on the menu are fantastic.

Chef Ken's gourmet masterpieces and incredible knife abilities will entertain and impress you. He studied in Taipei and Tokyo before traveling the world to further his education and settling in St. Maarten. Your night can't go wrong with some of the greatest Sake on the island!


Chef David Castro, a world-renowned chef, has given a historic steakhouse a new lease of life. The JAX steakhouse, which is decked out in mahogany and leather, is a seductive blend of taste and flair. DJs, live music, and surprising performances provide a jazzy mood with nightly entertainment.

Your custom flavored drinks will be made by highly experienced bartenders (Ask about the truffle infusion). With the help of the competent staff, choose from the comprehensive wine selection.

The real fun comes after you are seated at your table. For two people, choose from fresh tataki or fried brie, buttery Filet Mignon, or fire-seared Rib Eye. There are a plethora of alternatives available.

Where to Eat in Simpson Bay/Cole Bay:

Bamboo House

Located in Cole Bay across the street from Carrefour Supermarket, they offer Valet Service for $5 or free self-park down the hill at Carrefour where you can meet our Bamboo Shuttle. Bamboo has contributed to defining the eating scene in St Maarten for the past 20 years. The Bamboo House is a historic former sugar mill that is located at the top of Diamond Mountain overlooking Simpson Bay. They have beautiful outside dining with views of Simpson Bay and the airport. Bamboo House is one of the best sushi restaurants on the island. Dine in the midst of 300-year-old stone walls. Reservations are required.


Thai restaurant that is distinct from Chinese and other Asian cuisines in terms of taste and appearance. Thai food is one of the world's most distinctive, delicious, and popular cuisines, thanks to its fragrant blend of Thai herbs and creative recipes.

Where to Eat in Grand Case

Ocean 82

Ocean 82 is a French restaurant with a sense of the sea, combining simplicity with sophisticated design. Chef Franck Vuillemin's flavors, which are inspired by the sea, will tempt you to come back again and again.


This Italian restaurant is a hidden gem with outstanding service and a soothing ambience. This restaurant is one of the island's favorites because of its Italian and French fusion cuisine.

Le Pressoir

This restaurant, which was named the best in the Caribbean, will exceed your expectations. The presentation, the unexpected pairings of meats/fish and sauces, the wine, and the service are all outstanding.

Le Cottage

The restaurant "COTTAGE BISTRO CHIC," located in the center of Grand Case, is a true institution that the island's residents adore. You will be greeted warmly and professionally here. The main qualities of the COTTAGE for your greatest satisfaction are quality, quantity, and the best pricing with a supplement of soul.

Where to Eat in Marigot

O' Plongeoir

O Plongeoir is a restaurant located in front of the Fort Louis Marina. The ambiance is laid-back and welcoming, and the cuisine is delicious. Lunch, and Dinner are all available.

Le Tropicana

French restaurant located at the Marina Royale in Marigot. Lunch and dinner are served. At Tropicana, you'll find unusual and exquisite food. The desserts are fantastic!

Be Kool

The restaurant BE KOOL serves French culinary food with a spectacular view of the Marina Royale's yachts. Every day, a unique cuisine with exclusively fresh ingredients will delight you.

Where to Eat in Orient Bay


Dinner will be served by the pool or in a tropical garden as part of the Esmeralda resort. Everything you anticipate from a romantic and classy setting will be present. Every Monday night, SURF AND TURF (Jazz Live) EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, LOBSTER AND LIVE MUSIC

Maison Mère

They serve traditional French cuisine that is fresh, inspired and tasty. From starters to main course to their incredible pastry cart, everything is prepared "homemade" and fresh of the day. The Chef's culinary inspiration comes from different regions of France with an extra Caribbean touch, which makes all the difference. They proudly combine their roots, heritage and dreams. Maison Mère is a clever mix of tradition and modernity.

Petit Bistrot

As in a real Parisian bistro, you will find delectable and authentic cuisine. The Petit Bistrot's rustic and traditional specialties from every corner of the mainland will enchant you. French cooking loves to vacation in the tropics, and you'll be enchanted by the Petit Bistrot's rustic and traditional delicacies hailing from every corner of the mainland. Many of France's most famous goods, such as foie gras, oysters, charcuterie, baked Camembert, snails, and French onion soup, are included in hot and cold appetizers. The menu then takes you on a tour of the country's regional specialties, including a trek across the Alps for tartiflette and a trip to the Jura for baked Mont d'Or cheese.

The Petit Bistrot also serves dishes like ham and truffle coquillettes (shell pasta) and breaded pig's trotter, which are always popular. Fresh shellfish and crustaceans arrive weekly.

Where to take Breakfast and Brunch

La sucrière Simpson bay Lagoon

Located in Simpson bay, this lovely coffee shop is in a great location, on a small deck terrace overlooking the lagoon. It serves delectable pastries and sandwiches.

Jule’s Bakery : Jordan Village

Jule's Bakery is a delightful site where you may enjoy a delectable breakfast, lunch, or snack, as well as a nice cup of coffee, a cold refreshing drink, and so much more....! You can also just come in and grab something quick to satiate your appetite, as you will be served by an attentive, dedicated, and cheerful crew. Jule's Bakery team is always there to welcome you from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days a week.

Rainbow Café: Grand Case

Grand Case It is one of the few locations in the Caribbean like it. Rainbow Cafe is more than just a beach or a cafe; it reflects the finest of St. Martin.

At the water's edge, there are plenty of sun loungers and charming tables. This bohemian beach club café has a broad menu that will appeal to everyone, including Caribbean food, French cuisine, and fresh tapas. The meal is accompanied with elegant cocktails crafted with just the freshest ingredients, as well as a variety of the best French wines! This is an excellent spot to spend the day exploring Grand Case Beach or to meet up with friends for a sunset cocktail with DJ.

Zee Best: Simpson bay

Locals and tourists love this place in Simpson Bay for breakfast and lunch. Every morning, their bakery offers delicious French pastries, artisanal breads, and croissants.
Breakfast starts at 7:30 a.m. with fresh juices and mimosas, followed by delectable crêpes or their classic egg dishes.
Zee Best offers a wide range of coffees and teas to complement their extensive selection of fresh pastries. If you want to dine at home, Zee Best offers a bakeshop/bakery on Airport Road where you may get all of their delectable treats.

Chez Fernand: Marigot

Fresh bread and delicious pastries come to mind when thinking of a French Bakery, but Chez Fernand also serves pizza, sandwiches, pies, and cakes. Every day, the meal is freshly prepared using only the finest ingredients. The bulk of components come from Europe and are labeled with the Label Rouge, which confirms that a product meets a set of criteria that distinguishes it as outstanding. In French cuisine, this is the greatest level of excellence. It takes time and dedication to make wonderful fresh bread and pastries every day, and the crew takes pleasure in their products and service. Whether you speak French or not, the staff is friendly and eager to assist you in making your choices or practicing your French.

Casa Vegan

Owners Tim and Liv are from Atlanta and Brazil, respectively, and they love to offer their view on everyday healthy living through their delightful restaurant "Casa Vegan." Sit in their spacious lounge with an ocean view and planes landing right in front of you, overlooking Maho Beach. Alternatively, take advantage of their air-conditioning inside sitting.
They devised a compact and diversified menu that's excellent for sharing, using carefully selected, fresh, and organic products blended with locally sourced vegetables. Everything on the menu is gluten-free and 100% plant-based!

Spend a day at a beach restaurant

Kalatua Beach restaurant

Surrounded by palm trees and stunning Caribbean sea, you will be delighted with a picture horizon that will thrill your gastronomic senses. This restaurant offers a variety of Gourmet tapas, exquisite meat cuts, grilled fish from the day's catch, pasta with regional tastes, fresh veggies, and delectable desserts. The Mediterranean food, its authenticity, flavors, and culture are all celebrated in Gil Dumoulin's menu. Traditional flavors blend with the freshness of exoticism in a cuisine inspired by our Chef's travels between revisited classics and twisted unrestrained cuisine. You can also delight yourself with the most creative cocktail menu and have the fresh taste of what a Caribbean lifestyle looks like.

Anse marcel beach

Anse Marcel is tucked away in Saint Martin's most secluded cove. Its white sand beach may be reached by land or water, and boats can moor in peace. Anse Marcel gastronomy receives offshore winds and sea breezes at certain times. The structures are created in a way that is environmentally friendly. The cuisine is delicious.

Coco Beach

Coco Beach is a beautiful restaurant on St. Martin's famous Orient Beach. Whether you're coming or living on the island, their cheerful team welcomes you for a Caribbean break. Take advantage of their fantastic location by going for a swim in the clear Caribbean Sea, relaxing in our plush beach chairs, and ordering a cocktail before your lunch arrives.

Let's go Gambling ! - Casino

Casino Royale

22 tables, 400 slot machines, and a special "high-roller" area make up the 21,000 square feet of gaming space. The heart of Maho Village is Casino Royale, a destination inside a destination that redefines entertainment, dining, shopping, and gambling in a vibrant resort setting.

Princess Casino

Princess Casino, a well-known site for a prominent casino in a magnificent environment, offers a large space on two levels to play and relax, with nightly concerts, raffles, and the option to eat and sample luscious sushi or European cuisine.

Porto Cupecoy

The Porto Cupecoy hotel, marina, and casino features a variety of modern slot machines with a variety of games, as well as gaming tables. Gamers can play American Roulette, Blackjack, and a variety of other games at the casino.

It's time to party

Lotus Nightclub

Immerse yourself in a sound and energy sanctuary. Lotus will satisfy your every desire for taste, comfort, and harmony with its global inspirations. DJs from around the world and around the country are spinning the best blend of music they can... On Wednesday evening, don't miss the Ladies Night Party.


On the beachfront in Cole Bay, with a new look. Lagoonies' popularity stems from its old-fashioned cruiser-friendly atmosphere. and a gathering place for boaters and locals to eat and drink. The Latin Sugar Band is a must-see! On each show, there is fantastic music and a great ambiance! At Lagoonies, we have two Fridays a month... generally the first and third Fridays of each month!


On Maho Beach, Mykonos is positioned among the pounding waves and approaching jets. The club's zero-entry pool is the center point, making every night feel like the ultimate pool party. The whole club is exposed to the night sky, making this an entirely outdoor experience. As you dance the night away, the fresh seaside wind will keep you cool. The bar is rather huge, so obtaining a drink is never an issue. The bartenders offer a large cocktail menu to pick from, including classics as well as creations with Greek influences.

Moon Bar

This is the perfect rooftop nightclub that is very spacious and entirely exposed to the night sky located in the heart of Maho. The open-air concept will keep you cool as you dance the night away and have some special cocktails and drinks. You will also notice a huge disco ball in the middle of the rooftop that looks like a moon.


This colorful establishment serves up fantastic, fun and delicious cuisine. You may dip your toes in the ocean as the beach is near the bar. The servers and bartenders offer outstanding service and the vibe is very local and laid back. The kitchen is a big food truck that serves Caribbean, Asian, and Dutch favorites, as well as fish, burgers, sushi, and tacos! The lounge chairs are available for anybody who wants to eat lunch on the beach. Do you want your children to enjoy themselves as well? Check out the children's menu and play area, which is both safe and enjoyable. Play a game of Caribbean cornhole with a group of buddies!

Palapa Lounge

Located in the middle of Simpson Bay, by Palapa Grill. Visit the lounge before and after dinner, or just stay for appetizers and tapas. The romantic lighting adds to the aura created by the verdant grounds. Palapa draws in some of the best DJs from across the island and the world for their events, making it one of Simpson Bay's trendiest nightclubs. Hot events take place often, especially on weekends, but Palapa Lounge's biggest feature is its distinctive craft cocktail menu.

Blue Martini: Grand Case

Grand Case Packed every day of the week, Blue Martini, is one of Grand Case's hidden jewels. After dark, this casual cafe transforms into a 'jamming' live music venue. The menu includes American and French staples such as the Badass Burger and Tartare de Boeuf, but the daily fresh catch (seafood) specialities and European meats, many of which are served with a Caribbean twist, are the cuisine's centerpiece. Share their delicious Tapas or Tartines (bread with toppings) as an appetizer, which include a superb range of charcuterie, French cheeses, seafood, and vegetable dishes cooked with only fresh ingredients. Make certain to allow some space. The outside eating area is kid and family oriented, with engaging games for the young and young at heart. Darts, pool, and a library of classic video games are all available to play. If you're searching for kid-friendly meals, try the French Hot Dog, which is worth getting regardless of your age. After dark on weekends, the celebration heats up with live music from local artists and DJs as well as SXM's best-known musicians and DJs.

District 721

Start the evening by heading to District 721. Located in the heart of Simpson Bay. An outdoor space, ideal for a drink to the beat of the music. Food stalls are available on site and to end the night, there are two nightclubs nearby, Boom Boom and Lotus.

Let’s Hike

Anse marcel, Sentier des froussards (2h)

The trailhead is near the Secret Hotel in Anse Marcel on the French side of St. Martin, and the nicest thing about this trek is that no one finds it by accident, which is crucial because the journey brings you up and over a hill to a deserted beach. You'll need to travel down via Anse Marcel to reach the trail, which will be on the right. You go around Pointe des Froussards and past Baie des Petites Cayes' beach. The Sentier des Froussards runs along the coast, through maritime woodlands, down to the beach, and around the point. From Anse Marcel to Cul-de-Sac, it extends. Alternatively, you may trek back to Anse Marcel.

Guana Bay to Natural pool (60 min 2,5km)

Follow an unmarked but evident coastal trail from the southern end of Guana Bay beach. The magnificent natural ponds at the foot of the Back Bay cliffs are worth a visit before heading to Point Blanche. The climb follows a cliff, with views of waves cascading over jagged rocks– it's ruggedly gorgeous; keep continuing, and don't be put off by the abandoned waste dump you'll come through. It's unappealing, but the destination makes up for it. It's about a half-mile to the pool. Before you get to your destination, you'll get a peek of it. The waves in this location are large, but they are broken by a ring of large boulders outside of the pool. When the waves seep in around the rocks, the pool is always tranquil and barely slightly surges. The water is clean enough to view the brilliant and colorful tiny fish that reside in the cracks of the rocks. Bring a mask to enhance your appearance. Scale the rocks down to the pool with caution, and keep an eye out for sea urchins while swimming. While you're cooling off from your trek, take advantage of the crystal clear water.

Pic Paradis via Loterie Farm

You pay $5 to park your car at Loterie Farm and trek up to the summit. This 2-hour hike is well worth it because it provides an excellent panoramic vista. The trek includes a tropical jungle, an ancient sugar cane plantation, Chewbacca rock, a monkey, and an iguana.